Jean-Marc Lissens received a thorough musical education at the Royal Liège Conservatory, under Albert Tyssens, whom he fi rst met at the age of eight and who guided him throughout his studies. He studied further under François Daneels and Jean-Marie Londeix.

His varied professional career has been marked by a commitment to the saxophone: as a professor, successively, in the Académies de Musique of Arlon, Visé, Aubel (Welkenraedt – La Calamine), and Waremme, as an acting professor at the Conservatoire Royal in Liège, and as a part-time lecturer at the Royal Conservatories in Mons and Liège, as well as at the IMEP. He is currently Professor of Saxophone at the Académie in Hannut and at the Conservatoire in Huy, where he also teaches the Chamber Music course. In 1990, he was an active participant in the European Saxophone Days in Dinant. In 1994, he became an active member of the Music Committee of the International Adolphe Sax Association. He is a member of the jury of the Competition for Young Saxophonists and has, in addition, been responsible for the Secretariat-General of the Adolphe Sax International Competition since 1994. He is frequently invited to join the ranks of the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra and of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie for concerts both in Belgium and abroad. He also takes part in international courses as a saxophone teacher.